Handmade Cigars

Handmade cigars may sound exotic and even expensive, but at Buitrago Cigars’ online cigar store, our prices on fine hand rolled cigars are very competitive and affordable. In fact, we’re so sure that our prices on all our cigars and other smoking products are the lowest you’ll find that we offer a price match guarantee. Many of the handmade cigars we offer are ACID cigarillos. These hand rolled cigarillos are available in Red Natural Leaf, Green Candela Leaf, or Blue Natural Leaf. These cigarillos are made in the Dominican Republic and come in cartons of 10 individually packaged infused cigars. We offer low prices not only on these handmade cigarillos, but also all of our other smoking products. Since we offer free shipping on all orders of $150 or more, it makes sense to shop around and stock up on all the handmade or machine made cigars, filtered cigars, little cigars, and smoking supplies and accessories you may need. We make it easy and affordable for you to try something new, as well as buying your old favorites in bulk at great prices.

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ACID Cigars
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Acid Subculture Cigars

If you’re new to cigars or are looking for new products to smoke with, then you should try Acid Subculture Cigars. They provide good quality and affordable cigars that are available in the market.

With this brand, you’re sure to get the best out of your buck when purchasing one of them as you’ll get the full blast of flavor that’s contained in it.

Not Your Average Cigar

The Cigars that Acid Subculture provides you with can surely pack a hit every time you inhale a bit of smoke from the tobacco. All of the cigars they sell are hardcore infused with herbs, essential oils, and botanicals that will surely give you that next level smoking experience.

They use Nicaraguan tobacco leaves which are aged for an extra year to ensure that you can get all the flavors that they’ve placed in the cigar.

Experiencing the Best

Acid Subculture Cigars will give you the best quality infused cigars that are out there on the market.

The cigars they provide have excellent quality airflow with the intensity of different scents of herbs and spices from the hardcore infusion making sure you can get the best experience every time you take a draw from the tobacco.

When you’re smoking the cigar, its burn stays consistent throughout your smoking session which ensures that you won’t get a bad burn. 

Choosing the Right One

Getting the right Acid Subculture Cigar for you will always depend on what your preference in tobacco flavors is.

Everything they offer will be infused with multiple herbs and essential oils but with different varieties and amounts of it. The aging of the leaves will also be different so you can get a different distinct flavor every time you smoke one of their cigars.

Acid Subculture Cigars has a lot of selections found in them so you can be assured that there will be a product that can fit your palate. You can try going to Buitrago Cigars as they can help you choose your cigars as they’ll give out the best customer service that a cigar shop can offer. 

Buitrago Cigars

If you’re wondering where to buy these types of cigars then it’s best to check Buitrago Cigars. They have a wide variety of products available and ensure you that you can get the cigar of your liking.

They also have good customer service to make sure that every customer that they welcome will have a great experience in shopping over there.

If you want a good quality infused cigar that offers a good hit every time you draw smoke then this brand will be the best for you. Most of their products will usually cost around $100 to $200 a box so you don’t really have to break the bank to get one.

ACID Subculture Cigars
Ashton Classic Cigars5

Ashton Cigars

Ashton Cigars was founded over 33 years ago by Robert Levin. It is a family run business located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ashton is a worldwide luxury cigar maker and is committed to quality. The cigars are hand made in the Dominican Republic. The company has received many awards and is annually a top brand in the United States. Ashton Cigars are sold in over 60 nations. The company is managed by one of the most experienced teams in the industry. 

Five years ago, Ashton opened the doors to the Ashton Cigar Bar in Philadelphia. It is an elegant lounge created for people who enjoy fine cigars and alcohol. The bar features hundreds of the finest cigars, whiskeys and spirits. A wide variety of cocktails are also available. The bar has the widest variety of whiskey in the state. The staff has tremendous knowledge about every product sold in the bar. Below are just a few of the brands the company offers. 

Ashton VSG Cigars use a proprietary wrapper from a private residence in Ecuador. The wrapper is made from high quality Sumatra seeds. The area is typically cloudy which aids in the slow maturing process of the ingredients. Ashton VSG Cigars have a strong expresso taste and dark color. 

Ashton Estate Sun Grown Cigars were created to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the company. The cigars have a distinct sun grown Dominican wrapper with a sweet cayenne pepper taste. They also have an elegant creamy finish that are perfect to celebrate special occasions. 

Ashton Aged Maduro Cigars are made in the Dominican Republic and are slowly aged and made of ingredients that give them a sweet and mellow taste. The cigars have an expresso aroma and are the perfect compliment to coffee and desserts. 

Ashton Symmetry Cigars are have a blend of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The cigars have a silky finesse wrapper with a crisp taste of spice. They are available in medium to full body sizes.
Ashton Classic Cigars
Arturo Fuente Cigars4

A Brief History of Arturo Fuente Cigars 

The brand history of Arturo Fuente began in 1912, when Arturo Fuente began hand-rolling his own unique cigars in Florida. The company's growth was initially slow, largely owing to a fire at the production facility in 1924 and the subsequent onset of the Great Depression, which together put the company out of business until 1946. At that point, the company was revived on a very limited basis, with Arturo and his immediate family producing cigars in relatively small quantities. 

Despite these early setbacks, however, the brand that is today known around the world began to grow in the second half of the 20th century. In 1958, Arturo Fuente officially transferred ownership of the company he had started to the younger of his two sons, Carlos Fuente. Although Arturo had successfully shepherded his company through the difficult times of its early years, it would be Carlos who would take his father's company from being a tiny cigar-maker in Florida to being one of the world's leading premium cigar brands. 

When the United States placed a formal embargo on Cuban goods, including tobacco, in 1962, Arturo Fuente became one of the many brands that began sourcing tobacco leaves from other South and Central American countries. Despite further setbacks owing to the Nicaraguan Revolution of 1979, the company would soon find a new permanent base in the Dominican Republic from which to produce its cigars. Over the subsequent decades, the Arturo Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic has consistently turned out a series of excellent cigars. Incredibly, the company is still in the hands of Arturo Fuente's family, and is now overseen by Arturo's grandson, Carlos Fuentes Jr. 

Some Notable Cigars from Arturo Fuente 

Though it would be difficult to list all of the great Arturo Fuente cigars in one place, there are a few that are exceptionally prominent. Among the leading offerings from this brand are Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars. The Don Carlos series of cigars combines Dominican filler tobacco with fine wrapping leaves from the African nation of Cameroon. The resulting Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars are of medium strength and have a rich flavor profile noted for its nutty overtones with a bit of sweetness. These cigars come in several different shapes, including Churchill, robusto and toro. In 2017, the Don Carlos line was recognized as the cigar of the year, an honor that speaks to the incredible quality of this series of cigars. 

Arturo Fuente is also known for its Hemingway line of cigars. Arturo Fuente Hemingway cigars feature a Dominican filler and either a Cameroonian or Connecticut wrapper, depending on the exact cigar you purchase. Arturo Fuente Hemingway cigars are more spicy than their Don Carlos counterparts, and also tend to have a slight taste of leather lurking on the edge of their flavor profile. These cigars, aged for six months before being distributed, come in the perfecto shape and range from the 4-inch Short Story to the full 9-inch Masterpiece. 

Leading the line of Arturo Fuente cigars is a series known as the Fuente Fuente OpusX line. These high-end premium cigars are full-bodied and rich in flavor, and feature wrapper, binder and filler leaves that are all grown in the Dominican Republic. OpusX cigars are well-regarded worldwide, and are frequently cited as being some of the best cigars in the world. These cigars can be hard to get your hands on, though, owing to their rather limited availability. 

With these and other premium cigar lines, Arturo Fuente has become one of the world's leading cigar manufacturers. If you're looking for a great new cigar to try out, consider sampling some of the great cigar offerings from Arturo Fuente. Whatever your taste in cigars happens to be, there's a great Arturo Fuente cigar out there for you.

Arturo Fuente Cigars
Cigar Samplers7

Cigar Samplers


If you’re new into cigars or you’re trying to find another good flavor of cigar in the market then what you need are cigar samplers.

Looking for new cigars to fit your palate can be quite difficult due to the variety of selections available on the market, cigar samplers allow you to have a shortcut from buying a box of one type of cigar to a pack of a multitude of flavors for you to find what's best for you.

The Deal with Cigar Samplers

Cigar samplers are a pack of cigars where each brand places its different products for you to test each of them so you can choose which type of cigar is good for you.

Each sampler will come in different varieties of shapes and amounts of cigars placed in them. The variety of cigars placed on a sampler will be sorted by the type of the cigar, flavors, aromas, country of origin, and other criteria on finding a cigar.

Variety of Benefits are Your Doorsteps

Getting a cigar sampler will help you save the cost on buying a box of cigars that might not suit your taste. This can ensure that you won’t pile up your humidor with cigars that you won’t smoke as you’ll just end up buying another set that actually fits your preference.  

As a sampler is contained with different types of cigar so you can taste them one by one, it can make sure that you’re able to find one cigar that has the right specifications for you.

Choosing the Right Cigar Sampler

Choosing the right cigar sampler for you can be tricky. You need to find a cigar brand that’s well known for their quality of cigars as buying cigar samplers from a low-quality brand will just end you up in having an overall bad experience from bad cigars.

Buitrago Cigars provide the best quality cigar products so you can be sure that the cigar samplers you’re buying are good.

Buying One as a Gift

Cigar Samplers can be a great gift to your friends or relatives. If you’re not sure on what their preference on cigars are then you can buy them a cigar sampler so they can have a variety of cigar flavor to choose what’s best for their liking.

Get One at Buitrago Cigars

Buitrago Cigars is the best place to buy cigar samples. If you’re having trouble looking or choosing one then they can help you as they have a wide variety of selections to choose from that are sure to be premium quality cigars. 

Buying cigar samplers is a great way of saving time and effort on choosing the perfect cigar for you. It can also help you discover new flavors that you didn’t have the luxury of trying yet due to how pricey cigars are.


Cigar Samplers
Cuban Rejects 2

While they're certainly not Cuban, and most likely not "rejects" either, Cuban Rejects from the distinguished Ventura Cigar Co. are a quality value smoke worth stocking up on. These Nicaraguan handmades offer rich flavor and an even burn at a fantastic, wallet-friendly price.

Cuban Rejects

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