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Manufactured by Global Tobacco LLC of Texas, Clipper cigars are one of America's oldest filtered cigar brands. Offered in a variety of flavors and styles, Clipper Cigar's product line includes Cherry, Menthol, Strawberry and Full Tobacco Flavor filtered cigars. In addition to the full strength filtered cigars, Clipper also offers Ultra Light and Light lines of their products. 

In addition to the above mentioned flavors, Clipper also has a line of clove cigars. Mixed with dry clove, the cigar takes on a hearty and full bodied flavor. Clipper offers two kinds of clove filtered cigars: Black and Red. Both products offer the smoker a top notch filtered cigar smoking experience.

No matter what flavor of Clipper cigars you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy a pleasant taste, nice aroma, and an all round positive experience for both yourself and those around you. Far from being sickly sweet and unnatural, the special flavors such as Strawberry do not ruin the experience for the smoker; on the contrary, the flavorings enhance the inherent quality of Clipper filter cigar's fine tobaccos. 

From cigar aficionados to casual cigarette smokers, all fans of tobacco products will enjoy these fine filtered cigars. Offering the benefits of filters (a factor that drives many former cigarette smokers over to less expensive and better value cigar products), along with the lower prices of cigars, creating a win win for getting a full value tobacco experience.


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